Twitter Terror

I’m addicted to Twitter, but I’m in the early stages of my addiction, so it’s cool.

Yesterday Twitter had itself a big ol’ cluster frik on its hands in the form of the StalkDaily worm.

If someone sent out a Tweet with the StalkDaily URL — and you were unfortunate enough to click on the little bugger — your Twitter account got JACKED, YO!

It spread like the creeping crud Saturday, especially Saturday evening.

Here’s an explanation from Prince Charles:


Of course, the wonderful thing about Twitter is that you could see the freak out in real time — in 140, frantic character bursts.

Everyone and their brother sent out urgent Tweets, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T CLICK ON STALK DAILY!

I clicked on the profile of a guy who calls himself wwwRepAmINFO — a “watchdog” of the Republican-American’s editorial page.

He was one of the “infected.” I visited hisTwitter profile to see what type of carnage the worm was inflicting. You know, like slowing down at a car wreck.

Then I saw a Tweet saying if you visited the profile of an infected, YOU BECAME INFECTED.

Suddenly it was Twitter “Dawn of the Dead.”

I freaked out, signed off, grabbed the boom stick. Then this happened:


I awoke this morning to learn:


Brooklyn, NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) — Mikeyy Mooney, the 17-year-old creator of from Brooklyn, has admitted responsibility for the Twitter worm that rapidly spread through Twitter on Saturday, stating in an email to BNO News, “I am aware of the attack and yes I am behind this attack.”

Twitter users were infected by simply visiting an infected users Twitter page. Following being infected, users began tweeting about with messages such as “Dude, is awesome. What’s the fuss?”

Mikeyy described how he carried out the attack:


Mikeyy explained to BNO News that he created Stalk Daily from “boredom” and because he “needed a way to make money.” 

I would shake my fist and curse little Mikeyy right now, but he probably has access to my bank accounts and/or my medicine cabinet.

I will just say this. Mikeys are notorious pains in the a**:


UPDATE: As far as Mikeys being a pain in the a**, that excludes my older brother, who just dumped a dead goat on my lawn.

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