Movie I Worked on Hitting the Big Screen

That’s right, “The Viewer,” a short film (IN 3-D) I worked on, will be playing in NYC.

By worked on, I mean that I mopped up Brian Spears’ fake blood. AND I GET A THANK YOU IN THE CLOSING CREDITS!

Beat that, Roger Ebert!

Here’s the full press release:


Glass Eye Pix is proud to announce the NYC theatrical run of I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER;  a date is set for the DVD release.

I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER to run at NYC’S Kraine Theater April 29th through May 5th, with an additional screening on May 10.  DVD to be released on May 26th.
I CAN SEE YOU:  A Psychedelic Campfire Tale

I CAN SEE YOU, the fifth in Larry Fessenden’s celebrated low budget horror ScareFlix anthology, is writer/director Graham Reznick’s debut feature film.  Graham is a Glass Eye Pix regular, having sound designed many past and current Scareflix releases (The Roost, Trigger Man, Automatons and I Sell The Dead, as well as JT. Petty’s Blood Red Earth and Ti West’s The House of The Devil).  I CAN SEE YOU was produced by fellow ScareFlix veteran Peter Phok.

SUMMARY:   Three aspiring ad-men take a weekend in the wilderness, brainstorming for their first assignment: to overhaul the image of a once popular cleaning product, Claractix. While in the woods, a girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance sparks a harrowing descent into unreality. Personalities contort into extremes and visits are made by a specter from Claractix campaigns of the past as the film careens towards it’s startling climax.

The film’s ad-men are played by real-life members of Waverly Films (Ben Dickinson, Duncan Skiles and Chris Ford), a Brooklyn based production company specializing in commercials, music videos, and who have an immense cult following with their comedic YouTube shorts.  Summer Day, the free spirited temptress destined to drive them apart, is played by Heather Robb (Trigger Man, The House of The Devil, I Sell the Dead), lead singer of popular folk-rock group The Spring Standards.  Long-lost ClarActix pitchman Mickey Hauser is played by producer Larry Fessenden, who describes the movie as “1960’s psychedelia by way of David Lynch with dashes of Philip K. Dick and Cronenberg.”

Reznick says: “I CAN SEE YOU is about the experience of being young and ambitious in New York City, but blind to any sense of responsibility or stakes.  When the naïve lead ad designer in I CAN SEE YOU takes his ill-fated trip into the woods and is faced with an impossible situation, his mind malfunctions.  He doesn’t know how to cope with something outside of his safe, easy existence, and we experience his world shattering breakdown along with him.  I love watching films that show the world through the tinted perspective of another person – and in I CAN SEE YOU we watch the world through the eyes of someone who is quickly losing his grasp on reality.”
THE VIEWER:  A Telepathic Interrogation in Three Dimensions

In addition to the feature, Glass Eye Pix enters the world of Stereoscopic 3D cinema with “The Viewer,” a brand new short film also written and directed by Graham Reznick.

SUMMARY: “The Viewer” is a telepathic interrogation experienced from the perspective of a suspected murderer.  Telepathic Viewing doesn’t come without a price, however; as the suspect resists the mind-reader’s tactics, the “viewing” intensity is increased… dissolving the fragile boundaries between memory, identity and reality.

“The Viewer” was shot using a specialized two camera HD rig designed by cinematographer Gordon Arkenberg (I Can See You, The Meaning of Tea).  Featuring a multi-dimensional 5.1 soundscape designed by Graham Reznick, “The Viewer” is a psychedelic feast for both the eyes and ears.  Starring Mick Lauer as “The Viewer” and Lindsay Burdge as “The Victim.”  Written and directed by Graham Reznick.

I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER screen at the Kraine Theatre, within a custom, high-definition, full-surround, 3D system, maintained by distribution and exhibition company Cinema Purgatorio.  Founded by former Pioneer Theater chief Ray Privett, Cinema Purgatorio installed the system at the Kraine for the four-month-long release of CHRISTMAS ON MARS, a science fiction film made by rock band the Flaming Lips.  Together, Glass Eye and Cinema Purgatorio are adding the 3D capabilities for the screenings of I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER.

Says Ray Privett: “I founded Cinema Purgatorio to work on extraordinarily creative film projects that deserve and reward extra special attention.  I CAN SEE YOU is a great match.  I’ve been lucky to work with Glass Eye and Scareflix many times elsewhere in the past, and I’m honored to work with them again.”

 –I CAN SEE YOU will be preceeded by THE VIEWER during it’s theatrical run, from April 29th to May 5th at the Kraine Theater in NYC.  Tickets are available through 

-The DVD of I CAN SEE YOU will contain THE VIEWER (along with special Glass Eye Pix 3D glasses) as a special feature.  The special limited edition DVD set will also include a behind-the-scenes featurette, actor/director commentary, trailer, and promotional materials.  The DVD will be available on May 26th through and

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