Brian Spears Touched Richard Christy’s Gash

Richard Christy and Brian Spears


So the great Richard Christy called my buddy Brian Spears Sunday with an idea — make the staff at the Howard Stern Show think a troublesome pimple on his arm had morphed into a full-fledged flesh eating virus.

Richard wanted to meet Spears Sunday evening to touch up the wound. Spears, ever the professional, offered to make the 60-minute trek into the city Monday morning at 5 a.m. to apply the gash fresh.

Spears met Richard at about 5 a.m. — and they did the deed inside Spears’ truck. How the two junkie-looking degenerates didn’t get questioned by a passing cop, I have no idea. More pics are on the Stern show Web site 

Spears also posted a bunch to his Facebook account.

Christy’s prank was a failure — which, of course, made the but better, as Stern unloaded on him.

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