Why I’ll Love Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, NYC

Haven’t been doing much with this blog as of late — too busy with a new job at what I hope will be a great local news site in Connecticut.

That being said, Fangoria Weekend of Horrors makes its triumphant return to New York City in just six days.

Cut to the chase — this blog will be covering Fango as it happens. “Convention reports” written two weeks after the fact be damned.

Yeah, Fango NYC doesn’t seem to have the juice it once did among the horror hipsters and fan-boy bloggers.

My opinion — take the West Coast celebrity conventions and the too-cool-for-school “Monstermania” shows and shove ’em up your arse!

It’s New York City and Fangoria, chumps!


New York!

A return to the glory days of the 90s, when you could smell Lance Henrickson 10 minutes before you saw him!

When Sam Raimi seemed on his way out of the industry after introducing “Darkman” at a NYC Fango con.

Yeah, I’m gonna be at Fango next week with bells on.


This year’s show is loaded with sentimental value.

Not only is it back in NYC proper, where I first encountered a hotel of wackos at age 15, but my buddy Brian Spears, the guy who introduced me to Fango, is listed as a guest.

The Fango shows we went to in Manhattan weren’t just geekfests for Spears. It was job training. He’s become a respected special effects make-up artist. Spears, along with Pete Gerner, comprise G&S Effects.

They’ve worked on “I Sell the Dead,” “Shadow: Dead Riot,” “Flesh for the Beast” and they’ve worked twice with the loony Richard Christy of “The Howard Stern Show.”

Spears and Gerner
Spears and Gerner

Gerner and Spears, thanks to cooperation from Creation Entertainment, will be doing free gore make-up on a select number of fans (as long as the two of them are conscious).

I hear one lucky fan will get full-on zombie treatment. G&S, by the way, created the best damn retro zombie in years in “I Sell the Dead,” featured below.


(Remember when an actor would act under an appliance, as opposed to CGI “Midnight Meat Train” crap?)

The rest of next week’s (my personal) Fango crew includes:


MIKE LANE, a New York actor best known for somehow making the bizarre “The Blood Shed,” by the great Alan Rowe Kelly, even more bizarre. Alan is also appearing at this year’s Fango, and always stops for refueling in the Spears’ hotel room.


RICHARD LOGIS, a man obsessed with Monique Dupree, in love with “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and not afraid to be photographed at a urinal (above).

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