Indies To Watch At Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors

Forget the Independent Film Channel and the Sundance Film Festival.

Fangoria magazine has done more to support TRUE independent filmmaking in the last 30 years than anyone else.

Here are a view short films made FAR outside Hollywood to keep an eye on at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors at the Jacob Javits convention center.

CLOWN: Special effects make-up guru Tate Steinsiek (“Knock Knock“) directs this creepy clown tale featuring none other than Peter Greene (Zed from “Pulp Fiction”). FRIDAY 6 p.m.

A FAR CRY FROM HOME: The great Alan Rowe Kelly writes and directs a flick about an “urban gay couple who stop off at a rural antiques store owned by a sect of homophobic, crazed killers.” Does it get any better? FRIDAY, 7 p.m.

THE VIEWER: Trippy, 3-D bloodletter from Graham Reznick (“I Can See You“), a man much more intelligent than you or I. Fango describes it as a “psychedelic science-fiction short, a telepathic interrogation is experienced by the audience through the eyes of a suspected murderer.” I lost control of my bowels watching them film it — it’s that wacky. Brian Spears of G&S Effects contributed the gore. SATURDAY, 6 p.m.

INSATIABLE: Mike Lane (“The Blood Shed) stars as a dude who may be a serial killer and/or a vampire. SUNDAY, 11 a.m.

THE PICK UP: See what happens when a yuppie picks up the wrong prostie. Gore by Spears. SUNDAY, 6 p.m.

Complete list, including where to find these at Javits, available on the good ol’ Fango Web site.

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