I’m Kidding, RobG


UPDATE: I explained myself to RobG, we’re cool.

Uh oh.

My bottom-feeding big mouth has apparently pissed off noted horror journalist RobG of Icons of Fright.

I blame Twitter.

A few months ago, Rob, through his Twitter account @IconsRobG, posted about how he kept getting recognized at a horror con.

I thought it was cute.

So, whenever I’m at a horror con (which is like once a week now) I post fake IconsRobG sightings on Twitter.

Tonight I saw this @reply:

IconsRobg@hollywoodchain No you didn’t & quite frankly this is getting annoying.

Just sent Rob a note saying I’m just kiddin’. I forget that people are sensitive.

Keep in mind I’m the youngest of five bastards who used to hang me over a 10-foot trap door a la Michael Jackson and his kid.

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