Monster Mania Pics

Courtesy of Glen Baisely.


Jason Mewes.


Betsy Palmer from Friday the 13th.


Robert Englund


C.J. Graham, who apparently played Jason

6 thoughts on “Monster Mania Pics

    1. I saw one guy in the parking lot walking around with that very shirt. I haven’t been to the vendors, yet.

  1. I have a friend who’s a vendor and they’re telling me the show is a disaster…therr’s like no atendance…is that true? i’ve ben to their shows in jersey and they’ve always ben busy…

    1. Hey, I don’t agree with the “disaster” comment. I mean, I haven’t heard one person say anything bad. Personally, I like Fango better — it’s all about indie horror people networking, which is fun for me because I shadow people who actually work in the biz.

      This is straight up Fandom, which has its place, too.

      I’m hearing the prices at the vendors tables are good.

      Everyone I’ve seen has been carrying some crap they purchased.

      I’m wondering if your bud is still making that claim several hours later?

      Keep in mind I’m not behind a table, so what I say is third-person.

      1. My pal has done all the MMs for five years now and never has a complaint, but he’s telling me he hasn’t even made his expenses back yet.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I just got back from a dinner where Sid Haig was going table-to-table.
    Jason Mewes is a few doors away.
    I dunno.
    Sunday was unusually busy at Fango last week at the Javits.
    I hope the same thing happens Sunday.

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