I haven’t blogged since July. 

It shows in my stats. I had zero page views Sept. 9.

I mean, that’s hard to do.

I’ve been busy preparing my entries into the various Light & Dark contests.

One of their actors died, they keep reminding us.

Speaking of death, Halloween’s coming up, I’m told.

Two years ago this month I took my first trip to the Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsippany, N.J. (Note, Parsippany sucks, so I will not bother to check its spelling).

I had a great time, despite the absence of my usual horror con cohorts.

I returned to Chiller in April 2009. My adventures, including a memorable encounter with the Iron Sheik, were detailed on this blog.

I haven’t been to a horror con since the great Monstermania show in Cromwell, CT in June.

I was thinking, “Hmm, ‘how bout an impulsive call to the Jersey Crowne Point to book a room for the Halloween Chiller?”

Then I got a look at the guest list.

Holy crap.

Ann Margaret? Mickey Rooney? 


I had heard talk at June’s FANGO NYC convention that Chiller was looking to go “in another direction.”

A long-time indie filmmaker said he had a falling out with the Chiller organizers, due to the violent flicks he peddled at the Chiller Cons.

Another direction, fine. But, wow, I’m floored that Chiller has completely turned its back on the horror audience — the same audience that made Chiller such a huge success.

Or was it ever a success? Why would they make such a radical change if they were rolling in money?

And why would they implement the new “direction” at Halloween? Adds insult to injury, no?

Someone fill me in.

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