Last night my wife and I ordered “Trick ‘R Treat,” the much-hyped in the horror world movie that has already become a cult flick, thanks to a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and strong word of mouth from genre journalists.

It’s certainly not the next “Dawn of the Dead” (’78 remake I’m talkin) but it’s a thoroughly entertaining, sometime subversive, sometimes clumsy, horror flick.

I won’t waste space rehashing the plot, but I’ll say it’s an anthology — and, let’s face it, anthology horror usually suuuuuuucks. There’s never enough time to build characters, scares or story.

For every “Creepshow,” there are a hundred “Creepshow 2’s.”

“Trick ‘R Treat,” however, feels like early Stephen King. 

The separate stories take place in one town, on Halloween. The story line jumps from here to there, a la “Pulp Fiction.”

It features some very dark humor — and, almost from the first frame, breaks the Hollywood taboo that children can’t be victims in horror movies.

(The movie is not exploitive, most of the proceedings are very tongue in cheek).

I suspect it will become “The Christmas Story” of Halloween flicks, a staple at pre-teen slumber parties.

One thought on “TRICK ‘R TREAT

  1. Trick ‘r Treat wasn’t bad, kind of enjoyed it, too. Thought Anna Paquin’s storyline was pretty kickass and how can you not dig anything with Brian Cox in it? Glad to hear you liked this one, keep up the good work, man.

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