The claims of Fango NYC’s death have been greatly exaggerated — by me!

In a recent blog post, I bemoaned the death of the New York City/swamps of New Jersey Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, which I’ve attended off and on since, oh, 1990.

(Note to self: I’m old)

My reasoning — Fango’s got nothing listed anywhere on the Internets, and my very late discovery that Fango was no longer associated with Creation Entertainment, the company that organized the shows.

Well, not soon after making my post known on Twitter, I received this reply from @FangoriaMag:

Fangoriamag @hollywoodchain Planning stages – and yes, you can embed the vid. If you hit the info tab there’s an embed code 😉

(The part about the embed code is in response to my belly-aching about not being able to embed their “Trinity of Terrors” commercial on this site)

So, there it is — plans are underway for a NYC Fango!

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