Saturday Nightmares Returns, I Think

Haven’t blogged in forever.

That’s how I start 90 percent of my posts. With FB and Twitter, crappy personal blogs like this aren’t needed, I know.

But, my wife and my little baby son are sleeping and it’s Sunday morning, so I have a few minutes. Actually I can now hear . . . uh oh, wife yawned — a loud yawn from the bedroom.

I’m in the living room. She’s in the downstairs bedroom. We’re separated by a wall.

That was a purposeful yawn. Meant to be heard. A yawn with a message. A yawn that says she’s tired, she’s been up every two hours to feed Jack, while I listened to a Marc Moran podcast interview with Robin Williams until 1 a.m. and slept until almost 9 a.m.

A yawn that will soon be followed by a knock on the wall. A yawn followed by a knock — the knock being an order. A knock telling me to change Jack’s diaper, fetch a bottle of water or take the baby for a little bit so Autumn can have 30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.

I’m a new father, by the way.

That’s me and Jack about two or three weeks ago. We’ve since added curtains to hide that ghetto AC behind us. Mommy and daddy are ‘journalists,’ code word for ‘poor.’

Wow, maybe this blog will become a new dad blog? Ugh — sorry to the three readers who stumble upon this space by searching “Fangoria Weekend of Horrors” into Google.

Ok, it’s been a few minutes since my wife yawned. I might be OK.

Speaking not really of horror cons, I’ve been waiting and waiting  . . . and waiting . . . and waiting  . . .waiting . . . waiting . . . and waiting . . . for the good folks at Saturday Nightmares to announce the date of their next/second show.

I was one of the few/many(?) who attended the Romero fest last March in Jersey City. Yeah, Jersey City is a dump and the population is a weird mix of Bowery drunks, thugs and working-class Egyptians, but man, you couldn’t beat the Loews Theater for a location.

And to see Dawn of the Dead in a movie theater, preceded by a panel discussion with Romero? Hell yeah. Oh, and it was $20? Hell hell yeah.

Saturday Nightmares organizers have been telling us on Facebook, for months now, to “stay tuned” for a major announcement about their second show.

It’s January, Saturday Nightmares. What’s up?

(The rumor mill is that Saturday Nightmares wasn’t exactly a cash cow. They dropped boat loads of ad money promoting last year’s show in Fango, but have been more than quiet in the months leading to show #2.)

Who knows, but a random guy on the Saturday Nightmares FB page says the show is happening June 3 – 5.

Location not provided. Take that for what it’s worth.

Stinks for me, because I was hoping for a March show. I’m in Connecticut and Jersey City is MUCH closer than Cherry Hill, N.J.’s Monster-Mania.

Seacrest out.

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