James Gunn Versus James Toback

Hip, up-and-coming filmmaker James Gunn opened both guns (get it!?) today on writer-director James Toback, a critical darling who has a meticulously-groomed beard.

I mean, look at Toback’s beard. It’s a thing of beauty.

Gunn had a status update on his Facebook page today (Jan. 29, 2012) reading:

I personally know 8 women in NYC who screenwriter/director James Toback has approached with some spin on the line “I feel like there’s a special connection between us.” Then he shows them some magazine clippings that prove who he is and then he tries to get them to go out for coffee and back to his apartment. One of these women he approached TWICE with the same exact lines two years apart, not recognizing her! How many thousands of women must he have approached for me to know that many?!!

Gunn goes on to say, in a comment under his original status update, that “I know with at least one girl he was successful (to be perfectly honest, it culminated in him masturbating while looking at her – not even having sex. Not sure if that’s because it’s all she would give him, or what.)

Here is a definition of libel, for anyone keeping score at home. Always tough for a public figure to win in court, mind you.

Toback made that rambling but good documentary on Mike Tyson a few years back.

Unfortunately the Internet connects him with creepy director Bret Ratner a lot.


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