About This Blog


This blog has been around a long time. It started in a newspaper.

Now it hosts a horror movie podcast hosted by three friends.

Joe Greenberg is a screenwriter.

Brian Spears is a special effects makeup artist.

Eugene Driscoll is a local news reporter.

The Mobile Horror Companion is available on Libsyn, iTunes and YouTube.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, God dammit.


“Hollywood Chainsaw Blogger” is the private blog of Eugene Driscoll (me), a journalist in Connecticut.

The opinions here are mine alone. Now I’d like to switch back to writing about myself in the third person.

Since entering journalism in 1998, Eugene Driscoll has won 14 awards for his reporting and writing, including five first place awards from the Connecticut Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the New York State Press Association.

In 2006, he was named the first online editor ever for The News-Times, a daily newspaper in Danbury, Conn. He was named The News-Times ’employee of the year’ that same year.


I like to think of this blog as a soul-less tattoo — no real meaning or purpose.

By day (as of April 2009, anyway) I’m an ex-newspaper reporter transitioning into editing an online-only, non-profit daily in Connecticut.

I’m also a life-long movie buff.

This is a place to share my movie mania and, hopefully, a place to publicize my buddies’ film projects.

Thanks for stopping by!


APRIL 2009

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