Slasher Revisionism?

Who was more important in the 80s slasher sub-genre: the psycho killers or the final girls? Joe argues final girl, because she’s the glue that holds the story together and gives the audience someone to root for. Eugene and Brian argue too much emphasis has been put on “the final girl,” thanks mostly to the […]

Former Fangoria Editor Ken Hanley

FANGO DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMMA, PART II Former Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Ken Hanley set social media ablaze a few weeks back for announcing he had left the magazine — and that he doubted another print issue will be published under the current owner. Hanley’s Tweet and Facebook posts were repeated all over horror news site and […]


FANGO DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMMA, PART 1 In mid-February ex-Fangoria Magazine editor-in-chief Ken W. Hanley said he doesn’t think the magazine will return to print unless there is a new owner. That news — while not surprising given the magazine’s troubled recent history — was like a punch in the gut to 40-something horror fans […]

Larry Dwyer of CT Cult Classics

CT Cult Classics is hosting JOHN CARPENTER NIGHT March 18 at the Strand Theater in Seymour, Conn.┬áTickets are available here. The double feature, BTW: “Big Trouble in Little China,” followed by “The Thing!” In this episode we talk with the group’s founder, writer LARRY DWYER. We talk best John Carpenter flick, worst John Carpenter […]