CT Film Fest Press Conference Today

With the Common Council recently giving the green light to allocate $65,000, the organizers of the CT Film Festival are holding a press conference at the Palace Theater today, presumably to kick-off this year’s festival. The festival will once again climax in Danbury in late May or early June —  the organizers will firm up […]

CT FILM FEST REVIEW: “Americanizing Shelley”

Here is a reprint of News-Times staffer Carolyn Mueller’s review of “Americanizing Shelley,” which plays Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Palace. The CT Film Folks are rolling out a red carpet around 6:30 p.m. and will be honoring New Milford’s Christo Bakalov and Namrata Singh Gujral. See the CT Film Fest Web site for […]

CT FILM FEST REVIEW: ‘The Entrepreneurs’

Here is writer Erik Ofgang’s review of “The Entrepreneurs,” which plays tonight at the Heirloom Arts Theater at 7:15 p.m. Three helpless businessmen come up with what they think is the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme: Take pictures of Elvis Presley’s grave, make it into a poster, and sell the poster to millions of Presley’s fans. That’s the […]


(Here’s Erik Ofgang’s review of “Flyboys,” the opening film of the CT Film Festival) Despite some implausible (and I mean IMPOSSIBLE) aerial sequences and a jet engine blast of clichés, “The Flyboys” still manages to deliver its fair share of genuine thrills, laughs and just plain adventure movie fun. The film kicks off the opening […]

CT FILM FEST REVIEW: “War Eagle, Arkansas”

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7xxDhfutAU%5D “War Eagle, Arkansas” is a quiet, simple drama about two high school buddies in the smallest of small towns. One boy is called “Wheels,” a wise-cracking clown with cerebral palsy. The other is Enoch, a talented baseball player afflicted with a stutter. They’re both trapped in their own ways, but Enoch’s talent is giving him the option to move on and move out […]

CT FILM FEST REVIEW: “Tropa de Elite”

Brazil’s “Tropa de Elite” (U.S. title, “The Elite Squad”) is a companion piece to “City of God,” the country’s 2002 dizzying look at life for teen hop heads and drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favelas. While not quite reaching the epic status that made “City of God” so exciting, “Tropa de Elite” is a first class […]


Oh man, this is the one to see. “Monster Camp” is a documentary about folks who participate in “NERO,” a live action, medieval, Dungeons & Dragons-like fantasy game. The people are weird, quirky and funny, of course, but the filmmakers never take cheap shots, a la “Trekkies.” “Reno 911” fans will undoubtedly think of Patton […]