FANGO DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMMA, PART 1 In mid-February ex-Fangoria Magazine editor-in-chief Ken W. Hanley said he doesn’t think the magazine will return to print unless there is a new owner. That news — while not surprising given the magazine’s troubled recent history — was like a punch in the gut to 40-something horror fans […]


I was going to call this post “My Dead Blog.” I don’t blog anymore, as my tens of readers in the last six months have noticed. I blame Facebook and Twitter.  It’s so much easier to throw random statements out there. There’s no thought required. No need for structure, context, supporting arguments, let alone spelling. […]


I haven’t blogged since July.  It shows in my stats. I had zero page views Sept. 9. I mean, that’s hard to do. I’ve been busy preparing my entries into the various Light & Dark contests. One of their actors died, they keep reminding us. Speaking of death, Halloween’s coming up, I’m told. Two years […]

I’m Kidding, RobG

UPDATE: I explained myself to RobG, we’re cool. Uh oh. My bottom-feeding big mouth has apparently pissed off noted horror journalist RobG of Icons of Fright. I blame Twitter. A few months ago, Rob, through his Twitter account @IconsRobG, posted about how he kept getting recognized at a horror con. I thought it was cute. […]