James Gunn Versus James Toback

Hip, up-and-coming filmmaker James Gunn opened both guns (get it!?) today on writer-director James Toback, a critical darling who has a meticulously-groomed beard. I mean, look at Toback’s beard. It’s a thing of beauty. Gunn had a status update on his Facebook page today (Jan. 29, 2012) reading: I personally know 8 women in NYC […]

I’m Kidding, RobG

UPDATE: I explained myself to RobG, we’re cool. Uh oh. My bottom-feeding big mouth has apparently pissed off noted horror journalist RobG of Icons of Fright. I blame Twitter. A few months ago, Rob, through his Twitter account @IconsRobG, posted about how he kept getting recognized at a horror con. I thought it was cute. […]