For Howard Stern Fans

I had the chance Saturday to interview Nick DiPaolo, the grumpy stand-up comic who makes Archie Bunker look like Dr. Phil’s bald spot. He was exceedingly nice and answered more questions than I could fit in the story, which will be appearing Friday in the Weekend section of The News-Times. I asked DiPaolo to compare […]

Newspapers Feel Like The 1986 Red Sox

Is there anything more depressing at the moment right now than the constant stream of doom and gloom over the state of the newspaper industry? OK, maybe I have a bias. The Courant’s Rick Green is writing a column about the Journal Register Co.’s woes in Connecticut. Green interviewed Steve Collins, a veteran reporter at […]

Stay out of Oniontown

A pair of 17-year-olds who drove to Oniontown after a series of YouTube videos portrayed the hamlet as a run-down, backwoods dump were pelted with rocks by an angry group of young residents, authorities said. (I’m taking my “staycation” in Oniontown!) read more | digg story

Movie Robots That Stink At Their Jobs . . .

The Terminator: ” . . . in the sequel, Skynet sends back a super advanced T-1000. So advanced it has to be within reaching distance to kill someone since it can only stab. Apparently sending the terminators back in time with some kind of pamphlet on how to build an effective bomb was out of […]