Glen Baisley’s Fear of the Dark

Glen Baisley’s “Fear of the Dark” is now available for nine bucks here. Baisley is a New York-based filmmaker I know through Brian Spears. Glen and I enjoy a love/hate relationship. Find out more and Glen and his flicks at his Web site, Light & Dark Productions, or follow the crazy bastard’s new Twitter page. […]

What Glen Will Be Watching This Fall

Received the following e-mail from Glen Baisley, the indie filmmaker who guest blogs in this space quite often. . . . I might as well get it out of the way now because I know you will make fun of me anyway.  Here’s a list of what I’ll be watching this Fall so far. (Note […]

Glen Reviews A Movie No One Wants To See

This morning guest-blogging machine Glen Baisley e-mailed me a review for “Lost Boys 2.” Unfortunately, Glen is one of those children of the 80s who preferred the 1987 vampire flick “Lost Boys” starring the two Coreys over “Near Dark,” an infinitely better vampire flick released the same year. That’s like favoring “Mobsters” over “Goodfellas,” or […]

Glen Doesn’t Like the X-Files

Indie filmmaker Glen Baisley has once again muscled his way onto my blog to share his thoughts with the masses. Today it is “X-Files: I Want to Believe,” which has been hammered by both critics and geeks (although Richard Roeper gave it a positive review). Here’s Glen: It’s as bad as the reviews.  The climax […]

Glen’s 10 Second Summer Movie Recap

GLEN SAYS: THE DARK NIGHT “Rarely is there a sequel that is so superior to the original that it becomes a landmark film.” “Dare I say, that The Dark Knight mightalmost be a flawless film.” JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH – “Pretty decent 3d but the movie sucked.” HULK – “Entertaining.  Good but not great. […]


Guest blogger Glen returns for another dispatch from his couch on a massive videogame conference:  Yesterday, E3 coverage on G4 ended on a high note with extensive coverage of some of the hottest new videogames coming fourth quarter 2008/early 2009.   Here are my favorite picks: 1. Mirror’s Edge Mirror’s Edge seems to borrow the concept from the […]

GEEK REPORT: E308, Day Three

Glen’s back! E3 Day 3 is here.  The power trio (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) failed to really deliver any seriously mind blowing news over the first few days.  Many believe that there are cards yet to be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.  The remaining E3 days are all about the third party companies showcasing […]

JJ Abrams Fringe Review

“Fringe” cast photo NOTE: Indie filmmaker, sometimes reviewer and proud resident of Putnam Valley, N.Y., Glen Baisley once again pushes aside the author of this blog to deliver his EXCLUSIVE review of “Fringe,” the latest program from super-duper producer JJ Abrams. How Glen got his hands on a copy of the show, I do […]

GEEK REPORT: E308, Day Two

NOTE: Hollywood Chainsaw Blogger (a non-gamer) respectively turns over this post to indie filmmaker Glen Baisley, a total game geek who has been covering the E3 Media and Business Summit from . . . I dunno, his living room? Take it away, Glen! Yet another day goes by that I sat glued to the tube watching G4’s live coverage […]