I was going to call this post “My Dead Blog.” I don’t blog anymore, as my tens of readers in the last six months have noticed. I blame Facebook and Twitter.  It’s so much easier to throw random statements out there. There’s no thought required. No need for structure, context, supporting arguments, let alone spelling. […]

AUDIO: Richard Christy’s Infected Arm

My Gateway laptop fried the other day after about two years of service. You suck Gateway. I bit the bullet and purchased a MacBook Pro. Now I have a laptop worth more than my car. I’m used to using Premiere (just basic functions). This morning I tried out iMovie 09 to make this little video. […]

Brian Spears Touched Richard Christy’s Gash

Richard Christy and Brian Spears So the great Richard Christy called my buddy Brian Spears Sunday with an idea — make the staff at the Howard Stern Show think a troublesome pimple on his arm had morphed into a full-fledged flesh eating virus. Richard wanted to meet Spears Sunday evening to touch up the wound. […]

Joan Rivers Q & A

After Joan Rivers signed copies of her books in New Milford, she took time to answer questions from two reporters. Here’s what I asked. ME: How’s the book tour going? JOAN RIVERS: “I’m having a good time. I love both books. Both books came out the way I wanted them to come out. That makes […]

For Howard Stern Fans

I had the chance Saturday to interview Nick DiPaolo, the grumpy stand-up comic who makes Archie Bunker look like Dr. Phil’s bald spot. He was exceedingly nice and answered more questions than I could fit in the story, which will be appearing Friday in the Weekend section of The News-Times. I asked DiPaolo to compare […]

Howard Stern Married

Howard Stern married Beth O last night at Le Cirque, some fancy-pants eatery in the city. I’m bummed, because I’m getting married later this month. I was hoping Howard and I would at least share a reception hall at Villa Barone. Here’s a look at Hampton Howie’s alleged registry.

New Jersey to Blame for Artie Lange Relapse

Artie Lange explained his descent  back into heroin addiction on this morning’s Howard Stern Show on Sirious satellite radio. “I fell off the heroin wagon, as we call it,” Lange said. The tubby comic said he started snorting heroin again 7 weeks ago — but didn’t use while on a USO trip in Afghanistan. Lange’s […]

Gary Dell’Abate Denies Soldier Diss

In a posting yesterday on the Stern Fan Network, Greenwich’s Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate (I’m sure my RSS feed is a mess having to sort through that last name), says that he did not refuse an autograph to a U.S. soldier serving in Afghanistan. For non-Howard Stern geeks out there, Gary is the longtime producer of the […]

Baba Booey Disses A Soldier?

  A bunch of Howard Stern-related folks ventured to Afghanistan this week to entertain the troops. They included Artie Lange, Jimmy Florentine, the great Dave Atell and longtime Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate, who lives in cozy Greenwich, CT. There’s a story circulating the ol’ Internet today from a soldier named Stephens […]

Why did Kenneth Keith Die? has a long piece today  about the last days of Howard Stern wackpacker Kenneth Keith Kallenbach. Kenneth Keith first gained infamy during an appearance on Stern’s old WWOR show, where he tried to blow smoke out of his eyes. It was bizarre television before television went completely bizarre and Kenneth Keith’s earnest, real-life […]