WLAD vs NewsTimes.com

Had the chance to go on Dave Rinelli’s show this morning on WLAD 800-AM in Danbury this morning. I like Dave because he allows me try out goofy new camera equipment live during his show. We chatted about Twitter stuff, Danbury stuff and horror convention stuff. I recorded the interview with a tiny Flip video […]

Joan Rivers Q & A

After Joan Rivers signed copies of her books in New Milford, she took time to answer questions from two reporters. Here’s what I asked. ME: How’s the book tour going? JOAN RIVERS: “I’m having a good time. I love both books. Both books came out the way I wanted them to come out. That makes […]

Old Stuff: Tim Robbins

The following are excerpts from a 2005 interview I had with Tim Robbins, who was coming to The Ridgefield Playhouse for a film retrospective. All I remember from the phone interview was that he sounded really, really tired. Hollywood maverick has sense of humor RIDGEFIELD – Academy Award winning actor Tim Robbins does it for […]

Old Stuff: Jim Florentine

   Here’s a reprint of a News-Times interview I did with comic Jim “Yay, I’ve got mail” Florentine, pictured above with his lady friend, Ms. Robin Ophelia Quivers. He was a heck of a nice guy and didn’t say a bad word about anyone — even though I tried my best to goad him. Cringe […]

Old Stuff: Rich Vos

  Blogs: the place to recycle stuff! Here’s a 2006 interview I did with Rich Vos. At the time Vos was on his way to a gig at Brad Axelrod’s “Treehouse Comedy Club” at The New Sorrento in Danbury. Vos is a stand-up comic from Jersey who gained fame on the first season of “Last […]

Howard Stern’s Richard Christy Talks Movies

(Photo courtesy of G&S Effects) Richard Christy, the sometimes repulsive, always funny staffer from “The Howard Stern Show,” co-stars in “Albino Farm,” a new horror film starring former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. Christy (who used to live in a self-storage room, but now has a sweet apartment), was nice enough to answer some questions HCB (uh, this blog) […]

UFC Fighter Dan Cramer

  Had the chance Thursday to interview Dan Cramer, the 22-year-old Bethel dude who was one of 16 guys on this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter.” I’ve been a UFC fan since the early 90s, when watching UFC tapes on VHS was as close you could come to watching a snuff film. The sport has changed […]