The Happening Reviews

The early reviews for “The Happening,” M. Night Shyamalan’s latest flick, are not good. David Germain from the AP says:  Shyamalan states that the idea for “The Happening” — the entire structure and the characters — came to him in an instant as he drove through rural New Jersey and was hit by the thought, “What […]

Movie I Want To See: ‘Stuck’

Stuart Gordon directed ‘Re-Animator’ 22 years ago and has become something of  a maverick. His latest flick, “Stuck,” is getting solid reviews. [youtube:   UPDATE: Stuart has a “Re-Animator” sequel in the works! It’s called “House of Re-Animator,” according to IMDB. The plot:  When there’s a death in the White House, “re-animator” Herbert West is […]