Last night my wife and I ordered “Trick ‘R Treat,” the much-hyped in the horror world movie that has already become a cult flick, thanks to a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and strong word of mouth from genre journalists. It’s certainly not the next “Dawn of the Dead” (’78 remake I’m talkin) but […]

Marilyn Chambers, of Westport, dead at 56

From the AP: LOS ANGELES—Marilyn Chambers, the pretty Ivory Snow soap girl who helped bring hard-core adult films into the mainstream consciousness when she starred in the explicit 1972 movie “Behind the Green Door,” has died at 56.The cause of death was not immediately known. A family friend, Peggy McGinn, said Chambers’ 17-year-old daughter found […]

Dana White Says He’s Sorry

Dana White just (I think just) posted an apology for his boneheaded rant against a female reporter. UFC are the only pro athletes worth watching and White has always seemed to be a standup guy, although he still manages to come across like a jerk, even in the apology. Video here:

Stupid subtitles update

I wrote yesterday about the wrong subtitles on the DVD release of vampire flick “Let the Right One In.” Apparently the distributor will put the original subtitles back . . . but, if you already purchased “Let the Right One In” on DVD, you’re stuck. From Dread Central, via Digital Bits: “We’ve been made aware […]

Another Watchmen Autopsy

I like Nikki Finke because she’s not a blog fanboy. Here’s her take on the “Watchmen” (remember them?). ” . . . this is one of those rare times in Hollywood when the consensus complains that the director and the studio tried to stay too faithful to the source material in order not to offend the sensibilities of the fanboy […]