1. Inception: I hate stuff that makes up the rules as it goes. ‘Lost,’ for example. 2. The Killer Inside Me: No it didn’t capture J. Lee Thompson’s books despite what you’ve read. 3. Scott Pilgrim v the World: Guess I’m old, unhip — or, more likely, not fooled by bullshit. 4. Shutter Island 5. […]


Here’s my list for  . . . I have a habit of repeating my headline in the first graf. Hard to break. Anyway, my list leaves room for “The Social Network” and “True Grit” ’cause I’m figuring to like those. 8. JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK I interviewed Joan Rivers once, just before “Celebrity […]


Lindsay Lohan in a nun habit. Steven Seagal as the bad guy. Cheech Marin and a double-barrel shotgun. Danny Trejo with the title prop. Robert Rodriguez’ ‘Machete’ is a series of iconic images looking for a story. The movie is fun, looks great — but it’s an overstuffed mess, people. Rodriguez is a guy-movie God. […]

Movies to watch instead of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is today. I don’t care. If you’re like me, here are some alternative viewing suggestions. The movies are available through OnDemand for Comcast customers. “Appaloosa” (2008): Western fans rejoice! Ed Harris stars and directs this simply told oater about an old-school gun for hire and his weirdly quiet sidekick (Viggo Mortensen). Together […]

Diary of the Dead a Noble Failure

I finally got around to seeing “Diary of the Dead,” the latest zombie flick from George “Dawn of the Dead” Romero. It pretty much received universal bad reviews from horror geeks, and they’re not a discerning bunch. “Diary of the Dead” is about the zombie apocalypse — you know, the dead inexplicably come to life and […]

Movies You Might Have Missed

I was part of a sweet, class-action lawsuit against Netflix — AND MY FREE MONTH OF MOVIES JUST ARRIVED! Woo hoo! I’ve seen a bunch of movies that flew under the radar during their theatrical release. LARS AND THE REAL GIRL This is one of those movies I added to the bottom of my Netflix queue, […]

Glen Reviews A Movie No One Wants To See

This morning guest-blogging machine Glen Baisley e-mailed me a review for “Lost Boys 2.” Unfortunately, Glen is one of those children of the 80s who preferred the 1987 vampire flick “Lost Boys” starring the two Coreys over “Near Dark,” an infinitely better vampire flick released the same year. That’s like favoring “Mobsters” over “Goodfellas,” or […]

Glen Doesn’t Like the X-Files

Indie filmmaker Glen Baisley has once again muscled his way onto my blog to share his thoughts with the masses. Today it is “X-Files: I Want to Believe,” which has been hammered by both critics and geeks (although Richard Roeper gave it a positive review). Here’s Glen: It’s as bad as the reviews.  The climax […]

Glen’s 10 Second Summer Movie Recap

GLEN SAYS: THE DARK NIGHT “Rarely is there a sequel that is so superior to the original that it becomes a landmark film.” “Dare I say, that The Dark Knight mightalmost be a flawless film.” JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH – “Pretty decent 3d but the movie sucked.” HULK – “Entertaining.  Good but not great. […]

JJ Abrams Fringe Review

“Fringe” cast photo NOTE: Indie filmmaker, sometimes reviewer and proud resident of Putnam Valley, N.Y., Glen Baisley once again pushes aside the author of this blog to deliver his EXCLUSIVE review of “Fringe,” the latest program from super-duper producer JJ Abrams. How Glen got his hands on a copy of the show, I do […]