I was going to call this post “My Dead Blog.” I don’t blog anymore, as my tens of readers in the last six months have noticed. I blame Facebook and Twitter.  It’s so much easier to throw random statements out there. There’s no thought required. No need for structure, context, supporting arguments, let alone spelling. […]

I’m Kidding, RobG

UPDATE: I explained myself to RobG, we’re cool. Uh oh. My bottom-feeding big mouth has apparently pissed off noted horror journalist RobG of Icons of Fright. I blame Twitter. A few months ago, Rob, through his Twitter account @IconsRobG, posted about how he kept getting recognized at a horror con. I thought it was cute. […]

REPOST: Covering Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors, NYC

OK, so, like I said in the post below, I’m covering this year’s Fangoria Weekend o’ Horrors live, complete with stinky steaming piles of streaming video. For the record — I don’t plan no celebrity interviews. Funk that noise. BLAM! Check back Friday for live streaming video from the Javits Center, where Brian Spears will […]

Movie I Worked on Hitting the Big Screen

That’s right, “The Viewer,” a short film (IN 3-D) I worked on, will be playing in NYC. By worked on, I mean that I mopped up Brian Spears’ fake blood. AND I GET A THANK YOU IN THE CLOSING CREDITS! Beat that, Roger Ebert! Here’s the full press release:   Glass Eye Pix is proud to announce […]


Had the chance to go on Dave Rinelli’s show this morning on WLAD 800-AM in Danbury this morning. I like Dave because he allows me try out goofy new camera equipment live during his show. We chatted about Twitter stuff, Danbury stuff and horror convention stuff. I recorded the interview with a tiny Flip video […]

Who Has The Best Tweets In Danbury?

Here is a list of the most fantagorasmic Twitter accounts in Danbury as of 8 p.m., according to Twitterholic. 1. Jared Wiener (Web site here) 2. Rick Summers (Web site here) 3. ME! EUGENE DRISCOLL “THE HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER” 4. Something called NewsTimes 5. Sara Champion (Twitter account no longer on Twitter) 6. Kendall G. (Web site) […]

ALL tHe KoOl KiDz FOLO Me on TwITter

Listen, Twitter has taken over the world. There’s nothing you or I can do about it. Obey. You might as well give in and follow me on Twitter. Literally, hundreds of people are already doing so. By hundreds I mean 244. It’s like this blog, but shorter and much more bitter. GO HERE, CLICK FOLLOW. […]

Dave Rinelli versus Eugene Driscoll

WLAD morning radio host Dave Rinelli invited me in last week to talk about social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Then he threw me under the bus with a quiz on the “Watchmen!” Never trust the media! Here’s the video (note, the quality is low because I had some problems with processing. Someone […]