New York Observer Defends This Blog

(Robert Durst) Back in June this here little blog had an item on “All Good Things,” a drama starring Ryan Reynolds and Kirsten Dunst that was filming in New Milford and Waterbury. I reported that the movie was based on the life of troubled real estate heir Robert Durst. From the original post, which I […]

HCB(er) EXCLUSIVE: Plague Town

 (That means it’s important!)   What’s with this giant photo, you ask?   It’s the NYC premiere of “Plague Town,”   A HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER EXCLUSIVE! “Plague Town,” a new horror film from Dark Sky Films, had its U.S. premiere Thursday night at Cinema Village in New York City — and HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER WAS THERE! ! ! […]

I’m a LAMB!

Hey, check it out, this blog is now a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs! This is the best thing that’s happened to this blog since finally getting listed on! That took three months and I had to give them Online Editor Keith Whamond’s only copy of the “Miami Vice” soundtrack (MCA […]

Don’t Mess With A Movie Publicist!

UPDATED UPDATE: 3:34 p.m. Tuesday, June 25 Amy, a publicist from “All Good Things,” (which filmed recently in New Milford and Waterbury) sent me an e-mail Monday explaining the film’s plot. She said that info previously posted on this here blog, which said the movie is based on the Robert Durst saga (obtained from the […]

NT Shout Out on Howard Stern

   Hey my interview with Richard Christy of “The Howard Stern Show” received a mention today from the Howard 100 news team on Sirius. I just listened to it (Lisa G read it) and this blurb was posted on Stern’s Web site. Richard Christy lands in the pages of The News Times of Connecticut, where […]

CityCenter Danbury held a pre-screening cocktail hour Tuesday, just before the CT Film Festival’s opening. used the UStream service to broadcast live from the party on our Web site. It took us awhile to get the audio working, but when it was working, it was pretty darn cool. Here is a quick highlight reel […]

Blog You and the Horse You Rode In On

Welcome to “Hollywood Chainsaw Blogger,” a weblog that has been in the works for two years. I’m not kidding, people. Two years. The blog’s title, of course, is a reference to “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers,” Fred Olen Ray’s 1988 masterpiece. My mission is to chat with you about movies, television and other reasons I’ve put on […]