Whoa, No More Fango/Creation?

Shiver me timbers! I just learned, I think, that the longtime Fango-Creation Entertainment alliance has gone the way of the dinosaur? I used to have indie director Glenn Baisely fill me in on insider horror convention news.  He’s one of those guys who can’t keep anything confidential — a true gossip. But Baisely is busy […]


I haven’t blogged since July.  It shows in my stats. I had zero page views Sept. 9. I mean, that’s hard to do. I’ve been busy preparing my entries into the various Light & Dark contests. One of their actors died, they keep reminding us. Speaking of death, Halloween’s coming up, I’m told. Two years […]

The Pick Up at Chiller Con

My good buddy Brian Spears sent me a note last night saying “The Pick Up” will be screening April 17 and April 18 at the Chiller Con in Parsippany, N.J.  Dread Central broke the news yesterday. Spears is a gore make up artist getting lots of press for the work he did with G&S Effects […]