‘Blood Car’ Plays Tonight

“Blood Car,” a wacky horror comedy with political overtones, screens tonight at the Heirloom Arts Theater at 155 Main St. at 7:30 p.m. Click on what’s supposed to be a photo on the left to see a bigger shot. Here’s a reprint of an interview I did back in November, when “Blood Car” played at […]

Wacky student films

I took in seven student films at the student theater at Western Connecticut State University yesterday. There were seven short films, none longer than 20 minutes. While sometimes students films can be a trip into pretentious psycho-babble, the ones screened yesterday were all surprisingly good. My personal favorite was “One Night Stand,” directed by Michaelangelo […]

Buy tickets at CityCenter

The film fest Web site has a message on its front page reminding patrons that tickets can be purchased or picked up at CityCenter Danbury only. The address is 186 Main St. Phone is 203.792.1711 Pricing info is available here.

Flyboys Q & A

The 400 plus crowd at the Palace Theater loved “Flyboys.” When was the last time you saw a movie and the audience broke out in cheers (for me, Yoda kicking butt in one of those lousy “Star Wars” sequels)? Well, they cheered for “Flyboys.” Here’s a quick video from the Q&A after the flick with […]

CT FILM FEST REVIEW: ‘The Entrepreneurs’

Here is writer Erik Ofgang’s review of “The Entrepreneurs,” which plays tonight at the Heirloom Arts Theater at 7:15 p.m. Three helpless businessmen come up with what they think is the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme: Take pictures of Elvis Presley’s grave, make it into a poster, and sell the poster to millions of Presley’s fans. That’s the […]

Videos coming

We’re going to post videos later today from last night’s festivities downtown. Online Editor Keith Whamond and I streamed video live from a pre-festival CityCenter get together yesterday. It was the first time we’ve tried something like that — we were literally learning as we were broadcasting. We had oodles of trouble getting our audio feed […]

Palace Packed!

Just about every seat in the 415-seat theater was taken tonight for the opening night of the Connecticut Film Festival. They were there to see “The Flyboys,” a PG-13 adventure flick that has Tom Sizemore and Stephen Baldwin in supporting roles. There were photographers everywhere, eager to snap shots of the Danbury landmark. An after-party […]

CT FILM FEST: The schedule

Get ready to overdose on cinema! Here’s the complete chronological list of movies playing this week in Danbury.  Yes, it’s a very long list. Click here for a more digestable screening schedule.  Click here for specific info on the venues. Click here for movies reviewed by The News-Times. Update: I’ve thrown in random movie clips to break […]