I was going to call this post “My Dead Blog.” I don’t blog anymore, as my tens of readers in the last six months have noticed. I blame Facebook and Twitter.  It’s so much easier to throw random statements out there. There’s no thought required. No need for structure, context, supporting arguments, let alone spelling. […]


The claims of Fango NYC’s death have been greatly exaggerated — by me! In a recent blog post, I bemoaned the death of the New York City/swamps of New Jersey Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, which I’ve attended off and on since, oh, 1990. (Note to self: I’m old) My reasoning — Fango’s got nothing listed […]

Whoa, No More Fango/Creation?

Shiver me timbers! I just learned, I think, that the longtime Fango-Creation Entertainment alliance has gone the way of the dinosaur? I used to have indie director Glenn Baisely fill me in on insider horror convention news.  He’s one of those guys who can’t keep anything confidential — a true gossip. But Baisely is busy […]