Whoa, No More Fango/Creation?

Shiver me timbers! I just learned, I think, that the longtime Fango-Creation Entertainment alliance has gone the way of the dinosaur? I used to have indie director Glenn Baisely fill me in on insider horror convention news.  He’s one of those guys who can’t keep anything confidential — a true gossip. But Baisely is busy […]

Fango Loves Plague Town

“Plague Town,” the indie horror film shot in Connecticut’s northwest corner, got a great review by Mike Gingold on the Fango Web site. Gingold says:  As opposed to the chatty murderers—both young and old—overpopulating the genre these days, PLAGUE TOWN’s youthful antagonists are more effective for being silent, sporting prosthetics (by KNOCK KNOCK’s Tate Steinsiek, […]

Fangoria Will Have New Owner (hopefully)

I grew up in the 80s in northern Westchester — lots of preppie dudes playing soccer or lacrosse. Lockers were plastered with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Mine was plastered with twisted pics from Fangoria magazine, the NY Times of the horror genre. I was saddened to learn that Creative Group, Inc., the magazine’s parent co., […]