IFC Picks Up I Sell the Dead

Good news for indie movie lovers! “I Sell the Dead,” written and directed by Glenn McQuaid, will be distributed by IFC Films! “I Sell the Dead” is a darkly comic, quirky little movie about two grave robbers. And my buddies Brian Spears and Pete Gerner of G&S Effects did the special make-up effects, including one […]


Just uploaded some picks from last night’s “I Sell the Dead” screening at the IFC Center in NYC. Check ’em out on Flikr. I was invited to the sold-out premiere by Brian Spears and Pete Gerner, long-time friends who provided the film with special effects make-up. Given my friendship with the participants, I can’t offer […]


“I Sell the Dead,” an indie horror comedy that’s been getting solid reviews, has its first New York City screening Monday night at the IFC Center. It’s mostly a cast and screw screening and it has been sold out for weeks. Luckily, the special effects make-up guys G&S Effects scored me a ticket, so I’m […]

Fango Loves Plague Town

“Plague Town,” the indie horror film shot in Connecticut’s northwest corner, got a great review by Mike Gingold on the Fango Web site. Gingold says:  As opposed to the chatty murderers—both young and old—overpopulating the genre these days, PLAGUE TOWN’s youthful antagonists are more effective for being silent, sporting prosthetics (by KNOCK KNOCK’s Tate Steinsiek, […]