Fango Loves Plague Town

“Plague Town,” the indie horror film shot in Connecticut’s northwest corner, got a great review by Mike Gingold on the Fango Web site. Gingold says:  As opposed to the chatty murderers—both young and old—overpopulating the genre these days, PLAGUE TOWN’s youthful antagonists are more effective for being silent, sporting prosthetics (by KNOCK KNOCK’s Tate Steinsiek, […]

HCB(er) EXCLUSIVE: Plague Town

 (That means it’s important!)   What’s with this giant photo, you ask?   It’s the NYC premiere of “Plague Town,”   A HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER EXCLUSIVE! “Plague Town,” a new horror film from Dark Sky Films, had its U.S. premiere Thursday night at Cinema Village in New York City — and HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER WAS THERE! ! ! […]