AUDIO: Richard Christy’s Infected Arm

My Gateway laptop fried the other day after about two years of service. You suck Gateway. I bit the bullet and purchased a MacBook Pro. Now I have a laptop worth more than my car. I’m used to using Premiere (just basic functions). This morning I tried out iMovie 09 to make this little video. […]

Brian Spears Touched Richard Christy’s Gash

Richard Christy and Brian Spears So the great Richard Christy called my buddy Brian Spears Sunday with an idea — make the staff at the Howard Stern Show think a troublesome pimple on his arm had morphed into a full-fledged flesh eating virus. Richard wanted to meet Spears Sunday evening to touch up the wound. […]

NT Shout Out on Howard Stern

   Hey my interview with Richard Christy of “The Howard Stern Show” received a mention today from the Howard 100 news team on Sirius. I just listened to it (Lisa G read it) and this blurb was posted on Stern’s Web site. Richard Christy lands in the pages of The News Times of Connecticut, where […]

Howard Stern’s Richard Christy Talks Movies

(Photo courtesy of G&S Effects) Richard Christy, the sometimes repulsive, always funny staffer from “The Howard Stern Show,” co-stars in “Albino Farm,” a new horror film starring former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. Christy (who used to live in a self-storage room, but now has a sweet apartment), was nice enough to answer some questions HCB (uh, this blog) […]