AUDIO: Richard Christy’s Infected Arm

My Gateway laptop fried the other day after about two years of service. You suck Gateway. I bit the bullet and purchased a MacBook Pro. Now I have a laptop worth more than my car. I’m used to using Premiere (just basic functions). This morning I tried out iMovie 09 to make this little video. […]

Brian Spears Touched Richard Christy’s Gash

Richard Christy and Brian Spears So the great Richard Christy called my buddy Brian Spears Sunday with an idea — make the staff at the Howard Stern Show think a troublesome pimple on his arm had morphed into a full-fledged flesh eating virus. Richard wanted to meet Spears Sunday evening to touch up the wound. […]

Richard Christy Fango Video

Taken from a cell phone cam, it’s Richard Christy and Chris Jericho talking about their roles in “Albino Farm,” an indie horror flick. Well, my YouTube embed thing doesn’t seem to be working, so click here to see the video.    

NT Shout Out on Howard Stern

   Hey my interview with Richard Christy of “The Howard Stern Show” received a mention today from the Howard 100 news team on Sirius. I just listened to it (Lisa G read it) and this blurb was posted on Stern’s Web site. Richard Christy lands in the pages of The News Times of Connecticut, where […]

Howard Stern’s Richard Christy Talks Movies

(Photo courtesy of G&S Effects) Richard Christy, the sometimes repulsive, always funny staffer from “The Howard Stern Show,” co-stars in “Albino Farm,” a new horror film starring former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. Christy (who used to live in a self-storage room, but now has a sweet apartment), was nice enough to answer some questions HCB (uh, this blog) […]