Twitter Terror

I’m addicted to Twitter, but I’m in the early stages of my addiction, so it’s cool. Yesterday Twitter had itself a big ol’ cluster frik on its hands in the form of the StalkDaily worm. If someone sent out a Tweet with the StalkDaily URL — and you were unfortunate enough to click on the […]

Demi Moore, Twitter Save Life?

Apparently actress Demi Moore and her Twitter followers helped save a person contemplating suicide this morning. The players: sandieguy (Twitter name, victim) Demi Moore (Twitter handle is mrskutcher) sandieguy to Demi Moore:  “I’m just wondering if anyone cares that I’m gonna kill myself now” (then, a post to Twitter in general from sandieguy): <—getting a knife. Going to […]

Who Has The Best Tweets In Danbury?

Here is a list of the most fantagorasmic Twitter accounts in Danbury as of 8 p.m., according to Twitterholic. 1. Jared Wiener (Web site here) 2. Rick Summers (Web site here) 3. ME! EUGENE DRISCOLL “THE HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW BLOGGER” 4. Something called NewsTimes 5. Sara Champion (Twitter account no longer on Twitter) 6. Kendall G. (Web site) […]

ALL tHe KoOl KiDz FOLO Me on TwITter

Listen, Twitter has taken over the world. There’s nothing you or I can do about it. Obey. You might as well give in and follow me on Twitter. Literally, hundreds of people are already doing so. By hundreds I mean 244. It’s like this blog, but shorter and much more bitter. GO HERE, CLICK FOLLOW. […]