UFC Prez Dana White Implodes

Well, as a fan of the UFC since 1994, it stinks to see president/part-owner Dana White set the sport back 10 years with this hate-speech rant against a reporter. White makes some good points — points that are obscured through his 10th-grade taunts. What a tool. Video here (warning: most f-bombs dropped since DeNiro-Pesci desert […]

UFC fighter Dan Cramer

Here is a reprint of a story I did on Dan Cramer, the dude from Bethel who appeared two seasons ago on “The Ultimate Fighter” on SPIKE TV. BETHEL — Dan Cramer, a 2003 Bethel High School graduate, won his first Ultimate Fighting Championship bout in front of 15,000 people at the MGM Grand in […]

UFC Fighter Dan Cramer

  Had the chance Thursday to interview Dan Cramer, the 22-year-old Bethel dude who was one of 16 guys on this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter.” I’ve been a UFC fan since the early 90s, when watching UFC tapes on VHS was as close you could come to watching a snuff film. The sport has changed […]