Another Watchmen Autopsy

I like Nikki Finke because she’s not a blog fanboy. Here’s her take on the “Watchmen” (remember them?). ” . . . this is one of those rare times in Hollywood when the consensus complains that the director and the studio tried to stay too faithful to the source material in order not to offend the sensibilities of the fanboy […]

Watchmen underperforms at box office

“Watchmen,” the movie adaptation of a classic cult comic, dominated this weekend’s box office receipts, taking in $55 million, according to Derrick J. Lang of the Associated Press. Buzz for the flick has been building for well over a year, with “Entertainment Weekly” featuring a “who are the Watchmen”-style awhile back. Last week, “Watchmen” stories […]

Super Hero Movies Stink

I don’t get it. “Goodfellas” comes out in 1990 and is ignored at the box office. Same thing for “The Shawshank Redemption” and, later, “Boogie Nights.” Yet lately the entire planet goes batcrap every time a dude puts on a goofy costume in the name of “justice.” It is some post-9/11, Great Recession collective response […]