I’m Kidding, RobG

UPDATE: I explained myself to RobG, we’re cool. Uh oh. My bottom-feeding big mouth has apparently pissed off noted horror journalist RobG of Icons of Fright. I blame Twitter. A few months ago, Rob, through his Twitter account @IconsRobG, posted about how he kept getting recognized at a horror con. I thought it was cute. […]

Twitter Terror

I’m addicted to Twitter, but I’m in the early stages of my addiction, so it’s cool. Yesterday Twitter had itself a big ol’ cluster frik on its hands in the form of the StalkDaily worm. If someone sent out a Tweet with the StalkDaily URL — and you were unfortunate enough to click on the […]

Demi Moore, Twitter Save Life?

Apparently actress Demi Moore and her Twitter followers helped save a person contemplating suicide this morning. The players: sandieguy (Twitter name, victim) Demi Moore (Twitter handle is mrskutcher) sandieguy to Demi Moore:  “I’m just wondering if anyone cares that I’m gonna kill myself now” (then, a post to Twitter in general from sandieguy): <—getting a knife. Going to […]

Hilariously Bad Halloween 2 Poster

California-based horror site “Shock ‘Till You Drop” (bossed by buff Wallingford native Ryan Rotten) just posted one of the potential posters that maybe someday could be considered to be perhaps one of the posters for “Halloween 2,” currently in production in Georgia, I believe, under the direction of Rob Zombie. The poster, Internet horror fanatics immediately pointed […]

I’m a LAMB!

Hey, check it out, this blog is now a member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs! This is the best thing that’s happened to this blog since finally getting listed on CTWeblogs.com! That took three months and I had to give them Online Editor Keith Whamond’s only copy of the “Miami Vice” soundtrack (MCA […]